Greater Comfort results in Better Performance

  1. Ultimate comfort
  2. Greater stability
  3. Energy saving

1 Ultimate comfort

The Key factor

The ultimate comfort you experience when riding on an Astute saddle is the result of:
In-depth design studies through FEM Analysis.
Exclusive Twin Shell technology and anti-vibration membranes.
Innovative padding technologies: the only 3-density Progressive Memory Foam padding in the market.

Through the TECNO TEN firm (, in collaboration with Mr. Marco Zecchetto from the Industrial Engineering Department of Padua University, we have created some virtual models for every structural component of our saddles; some of the many virtual models we have developed are shown below.

Model sella SKYLITE VT reale
CAD Model
FEM Model

Thickness, weight, stiffness, tension and bending have been carefully analysed with the sole purpose to design and create innovative components in the industry of race-oriented saddles featuring high comfort and performance.
The purpose of the project is to introduce automatic calculation methods to simulate saddle resistance testing in a virtual environment, making it possible for our designers to optimise construction performance for each structural component.

virtual development of rotation movements on Skylite (a)(c) SR and (b)(d) VT saddle
virtual development of rotation movements on Skylite (a)(c) SR and (b)(d) VT saddle

Ultimate Comfort is the result of the construction of ASTUTE saddles, the first in the world to feature a self-supporting twin shell with an open-U design, making the saddles more compact while providing a unique anti-vibration system. The construction of Astute projects is protected by as many as 7 international patents.

Astute is the only saddle on the market to featured a patented full carbon anti-vibration twin shell construction. Combined with the SPAS (Shock absorber) technology, the purpose of this system is to dampen vibration and stiffen the construction. The twin shell construction makes the saddle more compact and reduces vibrations from the ground, while transferring into the pedals the energy produced by the rider during propulsion.

The shape of shells, an unmistakable open U design, is the trademark of all ASTUTE saddles. With this shape, protected by an international patent, the silhouette of the saddle is left unchanged, thereby significantly increasing the room left for the padding, and ensuring greater comfort.

The Astute project is the only one to use 3-density Progressive memory-foam padding technology, featuring variable density padding, more compact at the back to better fit and support the sit bones, and softer at the front to provide the highest level of comfort.

The THREE-DENSITY PROGRESSIVE system, a unique system developed by Astute, has been designed to fit and support body parts with different needs. All sit bones and the relevant nerve endings are supported by a stiffer density at the back of the saddle, which improves blood circulation and prevents any numbness in the muscles and organs near the hips. The front of the saddle has been specifically designed to provide greater comfort for riders as they push down on the pedals and sit on the front part of the saddle. The brand new PU-DH material (dow polyurethane) features an open-cell structure, which increase reaction and response rates under pressure. With the PU-DH material, reaction rate has increased by almost 60% compared with a traditional padding (or the old closed-cell padding), thus providing greater comfort and better performance.

2 Greater stability

Provided by a more compact structure

Featuring a high-tech construction, Astute saddles provide unmatched stability on the bike, as shown by Core Stability tests performed with dozens of cyclists both indoor and on the road. Using Wiva by Letsense (a special tracking device with a 9-axis IMU sensor) and infrared detection equipment by Elan Lab, we have been able to confirm - scientifically and biomechanically - which is the best position for cyclists on bikes with ASTUTE saddles.



By feeling more comfortable, the rider will need to move less to find the correct posture on the saddle. Many small movements of the hips, involving rotation and tilt, require a considerable amount of energy in order to absorb the roughness of the surface while riding. Riders often tend to underestimate these movement - or not consider them at all; all of these movements, however, require plenty of energy, which is taken away from the cycling.

avarage CORE movements on Astute saddles
avarage CORE movements on saddles made by the best competitors

3 Energy saving

Real and scientifically proven


Our saddles were strictly tested to compare them to top of the range saddles by our best competitors; to perform these tests, we didn't use in-house analysis laboratories, but external labs to make sure that the resulting data were in line with our own results.

The laboratory is èlanLAB, which performed outdoor and indoor tests on 75 professional and semi-professional athletes during 200 test sessions with their advanced equipment, with an average load of 250W and maximum peaks of 400W.

The enormous amount of data collected showed that riders do move less on Astute saddles. By examining 45' indoor sessions -, the only ones that could be reproduced to meet the parameters required by the testing - it was found that core movements were reduced by 5 to 8% compared to products supplied by our best competitors, which allows riders to save a significant amount of energy. Below is a scheme based on the collected data.

A growth line for such data has been developed with dedicated software and expanded to medium-to-long training sessions, creating a highly reliable virtual model, with a low margin of error (+- 1%). The already significant result observed in 45' sessions improves to a core movement difference of more than 20% in 180' sessions (as can be seen in the table below), resulting in even greater energy saving.

To improve your performance, use maximum power and preserve your Energy! This is the real advantage of using Astute saddles - the first on the market to provide a stable seat with the highest level of comfort, resulting in higher performance while saving energy.