Performance and Elegance. These are two key factors for Astute, which introduced a selection of smart handlebar tapes into its range of smart saddles. EXTREME TAPES are not just an accessory; they are a technical feature that can be added to your bike to improve performance. Made of 3-density Memory Foam, they feature a comfortable grip, they are anti-vibration on any type of surface, and ensure a perfect grip in all climatic conditions, especially when they are wet.

Rubber-effect Dark Race with black-on-black Astute logo, with grip and stress resistance tested by professionals, or velvet-effect Luxury Black with black-on-black Astute logo. Iconic and elegant, designed and hand-made in Italy, it provides the highest level of reliability and style. Extreme Tapes feature a unique colourful detail at the ends of the handlebar, to be matched with the colour of Astute saddles.


Black velvet-effect handlebar tape, iconic and elegant, with ASTUTE logos in the texture. Anti-vibration. Thickness: 2.8 mm.


Handlebar tape tested by professions for ultimate grip and wear resistance. ASTUTE logos in the texture. Anti-vibration. Thickness: 2.8 mm.

The four kits with three colour combinations are supplied with glossy black handlebar caps.